Police Blotter 11/3

The fall semester sees its share of crime reports.


The fall semester sees its share of crime reports.

WSUPD would like to remind students and staff members that they can register bikes through the police station, so that the bike’s information is already logged if it were to get stolen.

Also, the University Village thief is still on the prowl. The suspect has been mentioned in the last two police blotters and is continuing to steal bikes and items from cars around WSU residential buildings. Anyone living or parking on campus must lock their vehicles and not leave any valuables inside.

Another reminder from the WSUPD, marijuana and illegal substances are not allowed on the WSU campus. Going against this will result in housing drug violations and possible criminal charges.

Did it just sprout legs and run away?
Officers were dispatched to University Village Building One for a possible drug violation on Oct. 29. The Resident Assistant on the floor explained there was an odor of marijuana coming from the third floor of the building. WSUPD made their way to the area, but could barely smell the substance. They found a dorm room they believed the odor was coming from, but could not smell nor find anything in the dorm after speaking with the residents. No further action was taken.

Peeping Tom
WSUPD received an email from a student detailing a possible stalking occurrence on the WSU campus on Oct. 28. A threat assessment and Bureau of Criminal Investigations report were generated for the suspect, but no involvement of illegal activity showed. The complainant stated they did not want law enforcement to take action or make contact with the suspect at this time. The complainant was also put into contact with Safe@Weber and other resources necessary to the situation.

Causing a scene
Campus police also responded to another possible stalking at the Stewart Library on Oct. 28. The complainant was a supervisor who stated that the suspect has had relations with a library employee since the beginning of this semester. The suspect had come into the building previously and was bothering the victim. The subject eventually left the building after not wanting to leave and continuing the problem. More context to the situation will be revealed if more information is given to the WSUPD.

Excuse me, that was my door
Officers logged a report of a hit and run on Oct. 27 at 1406 Village Dr. Vehicle Two was parked legally in a parking spot at the location and Vehicle One began backing southbound out of their parking spot, northwest of Vehicle Two. While backing out, Vehicle One made contact with the driver side door of the second vehicle. Vehicle One exited the scene immediately, however, surveillance footage caught the incident. When questioned by authorities after the accident, the driver of Vehicle One stated they thought they had hit a pole instead of someone else’s vehicle. They were warned about leaving the scene of an accident without leaving any contact information behind and their information was obtained by WSUPD. No injuries were reported and the two drivers are now in contact with each other’s insurances.

Davis suicide threat
WSUPD responded to a call from the Davis campus regarding a suicidal individual on Oct. 26. Police made contact with the subject, who is a minor and Northern Utah Academy of Math Engineering and Science student. The subject was escorted to the NUAMES office to meet with a social worker and Davis Behavioral Health Personnel. After completing an assessment and making contact with the subject’s parents, the individual was released to a responsible person to transport them home. No immediate threat was determined at this time.

WSU homeless camp
Campus police were notified on Oct. 25 of a new homeless camp in the area of WSU Facilities and Management. Officers were able to locate the camp, but did not make contact with anyone. Near the camp, WSUPD were also unable to locate any identifying items or documents of individuals living in the makeshift campsite. No further action has been taken as of yet.