Police Blotter 10/6

Thought you were slick
Weber State University police pulled an individual over for equipment violations on their vehicle on Oct. 2. Upon speaking to the driver and passenger, officers smelt marijuana coming from within the vehicle. The vehicle was searched and no contraband was found. Paraphernalia, marijuana and e-cigarettes were found on the underaged subjects and were seized for destruction. Both were released with a verbal warning and no further action was needed.

A matter of trespassing
Campus officers were dispatched to assist in a possible trespass order violation at the University Village Community Center on Sept. 29. The two suspects were asked to leave by UV staff but refused. Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered that both suspects were in violation of their trespass orders and had warrants for their arrests. The subjects’ trespass orders were extended and no additional charges were made. One suspect was released and the other was booked into Weber County Jail for the warrants on record.

You’re sticking out a little far there..
WSU officers responded to a car accident at the W3 campus parking lot on Sept. 29. Vehicle One was pulling out of the W3 parking lot and turning right onto Edvalson Street, facing south. Vehicle One was pulled too far out in the roadway; Vehicle Two was headed west on Edvalson Street and hit Vehicle One. Vehicle One sustained a measurable amount of damage and was towed to the owner’s house. Vehicle Two was released with minor damage and no further action was taken.

Puppy mishap
Campus police were conducting a patrol at Wildcat Village on Oct. 2 when they observed a pickup truck in the travel lane near the parking lot exit. The truck had its hazard lights on, and an officer approached the vehicle. All parties were asked if assistance was needed, and officers were told that a puppy, belonging to the individuals in the truck, had stomach issues and they were trying to take care of it. The officers were advised that no further assistance was needed, and no further action was taken.

Pokemon GO HOME
WSU police approached a vehicle that was parked in a “no parking” zone on Oct. 3. Officers spoke with the individuals in the vehicle and discovered they were playing “Pokemon Go.” They were asked to park in the correct parking spot, and no further action was taken.

Assisting in concern
Campus officers were conducting an extra patrol of University Village on Oct. 2 when they were called to assist South Ogden Police Department in a child abuse call. Officers were advised that a suspicious vehicle was seen traveling Northbound on Harrison Boulevard. The police drove to and were posted on Harrison Boulevard, but made negative contact with the vehicle. SOPD handled the situation from there, and no further action was needed on behalf of the WSUPD.

Get off my field!
WSUPD received a call about two unknown individuals on the soccer field without permission on Sept. 30. The complainant was a supervisor of WSU athletics and requested the officers to assist with having the individuals leave. Officers apprehended the individuals and discovered one worked in landscaping and had a key to get onto the field. The police advised the pair that they needed permission to be on the field. They were compliant and no further action was taken.