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Do you know your news? Dec. 3

1. The World Health Organization warned on Nov. 29 that global risks of a newly discovered coronavirus variant were very high, following several countries including Japan and Israel banning foreign visitors. What is the name of the new variant?

a. Epsilon

b. Omicron

c. Omega

d. Optimus

A new coronavirus variant was identified this week.
A new coronavirus variant was identified this week. Photo credit: Unsplash

2. What former British colony cut ties with Queen Elizabeth II and officially became a republic on Nov. 30?

a. Bermuda

b. Falkland Islands

c. Cayman Islands

d. Barbados

3. Former Weber County commissioner Kerry Gibson lost a court battle to block the release of information related to past investigations into whether he misused government resources for his own benefit, which did not result in him being charged with a crime. What is the legislation that was used to obtain those records, which allows any citizens to request information about Utah government records?





4. Iran and several world powers resumed talks in Vienna on Nov. 29 to restore a nuclear deal first discussed in 2015. What major world power is not directly involved?

a. The U.K.

b. Germany

c. Russia

d. The U.S.

5. Heavy snowfall in northern England left 50 people stranded for three nights, sleeping on makeshift beds, couches and the floor in what building?

a. A grocery store

b. A movie theater

c. A pub

d. A church

Heavy snowfall stranded residents of northern England
Heavy snowfall stranded residents of northern England in a 17th-century pub for three nights. Photo credit: Unsplash


1. The correct answer is B, Omicron. According to the New York Times, President Joe Biden calls Omicron a “cause for concern, not a cause for panic,” and that his administration was working with vaccine manufacturers to modify vaccines or booster shots should that prove necessary.

2. The correct answer is D, Barbados. According to NBC News, Barbados gained independence 55 years ago, but kept the British monarch in a ceremonial role. Sandra Mason, a Barbadian who has served as the island’s governor general, or queen’s representative, will be sworn in as the country’s first president and first true Barbadian head of state.

Sandra Mason will be sworn in as Barbados’ first president and first true Barbadian head of state.
Sandra Mason will be sworn in as Barbados’ first president and first true Barbadian head of state. Photo credit: Pixabay

3. The correct answer is A, GRAMA. The acronym stands for Government Records Access and Management Act. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Gibson, fearing that he and his family would be embarrassed by the investigation, waged a battle to keep its contents secret until a unanimous Utah Supreme Court Ruling in August determined that Gibson lacked standing under GRAMA to block the records based on a personal right to privacy.

4. The correct answer is D, The U.S. According to Aljazeera, messages were relayed to U.S. representatives as Iran has refused to hold direct talks since the U.S. reneged on the accord in 2018. Iran has said that the United States must accept responsibility for the Trump administration’s breaking of the accord, lift all sanctions that were imposed since 2018 immediately and guarantee that it will not go back on its commitments again.

5. The correct answer is C, A pub. According to NBC News, the guests were stranded at The Tan Hill Inn, a 17th-century pub in Yorkshire, England, with an Oasis tribute band called Noasis for three days. The snowstorm also left tens of thousands of homes without electricity and killed at least two people.

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