Police Blotter Oct. 19

Joshua Kamp

Photo credit: Pixabay

Oh, deer!

There was an animal complaint on campus on Oct. 5. A small deer was stuck in the fence near the Wattis Building. An officer pulled the deer out of the fence and did not notice any injuries to the deer. The deer ran off and the officer cleared the area.

These boots are made for walkin’

A Nissan Pathfinder was parked in the field by the marquee on Oct 7. An officer found the car was not registered to a student or faculty member. Parking services were notified to boot the car in an attempt to have the owner contact WSU police. The driver later called to explain they had run out of gas and had to abandon the car for a short time. The boot was removed.

The writing on the wall

WSU officers received a report of graffiti at the Community Outreach Center on Oct. 7 around 1 p.m. There is no clear suspect information or time frame in which the graffiti occurred. A report was created for informational purposes and photographs of the graffiti were added to the case.

I saw the sign

A reflective crosswalk sign was located in the middle of the roadway on Dixon Drive on Oct. 9. An officer noted that the sign was broken at the base and cracked on the reflective face. It may have occurred as a result of a vehicle striking the sign. The sign was taken to WSUPD’s safe-keep cage. There is currently no camera footage or information regarding why the sign was damaged.

A shelter from the rain

Officers received reports of a person camping behind the ice sheet in a gated area on Oct. 13. An officer made contact with the individual and asked why they were in the restricted area. The person stated they were trying to avoid the rain. The officer noted the person had several bags with them and offered transportation to the homeless shelter. The person declined and the officer advised that they couldn’t stay on university property in a gated area. The person agreed to leave and left down the hill.