Do you know your news? March 23

Joshua Kamp

1. Gov. Spencer Cox will open vaccine eligibility to all Utahns 16 and older on what new date, which is earlier than previously expected?

a. March 24

b. March 29

c. April 1

d. April 5

Calander and date photo from Pixabay
Gov. Cox announced COVID-19 vaccines will be available for everyone 16 years and older earlier than previously thought. (Pixabay)

2. On March 22, violent protests erupted in the early morning hours in Bristol, U.K., leading to the injury of 20 police officers. What new legislation were the rioters protesting?

a. Tax cuts for the wealthy

b. New police powers

c. Extended lockdown periods

d. Mandatory vaccinations

Image showing protestors from Pixabay
The early morning of March 22 saw protests breaking out across the U.K. in response to a new bill. (Pixabay) Photo credit: Pixabay

3. Over the weekend, a state of emergency was declared in what U.S. city due to out-of-control crowds of street partygoers, attracted by the news of the area being “open” from pandemic restrictions?

a. Long Beach

b. New Orleans

c. Las Vegas

d. Miami Beach

4. The U.S. and Canada have joined the U.K. and EU in sanctioning which country over human rights abuses?

a. China

b. Russia

c. North Korea

d. Egypt

Photo of Miami Beach from Pixabay
A U.S. state declared a state of emergency over the weekend due to overcrowding and increased parties. (Pixabay)


1. The correct answer is A, March 24. According to ABC4, all Utah residents over age 16 will be able to register to get the vaccine, but this does not guarantee vaccine doses will be immediately available. More info about how to get the vaccine can be found at

2. The correct answer is B, New police powers. This bill would grant officers more power to crack down on protests. According to the New York Post, the so-called “Kill the Bill” protests turned violent when a mob descended on a police precinct in Bristol, some carrying signs warning of a “police state” and “dictatorship.”

3. The correct answer is D, Miami Beach. According to the New York Times, police struggled to control chaotic, overwhelming crowds and made dozens of arrests. Officials in Miami Beach decided on March 21 to extend an emergency curfew for up to three weeks.

4. The correct answer is A, China. According to The Guardian, the sanctions come as a response to the mass internment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province. U.K. foreign secretary Dominic Raab called it “the largest mass detention of an ethnic and religious group since the second world war.”