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Do you know your news? Oct. 27

1. In what country are women violently protesting the Catholic church for the right to have an abortion?

a. Spain

b. France

c. Mexico

d. Poland

Image by Nikos Apelaths from Pixabay
Women have been protesting the Catholic church for the right to have an abortion.

2. What state is poised to be the linchpin to a presidential election win in 2020 after a tight 2016 race?

a. California

b. New York

c. Chicago

d. Pennsylvania

3. How many eviction actions have been filed by large corporate landlords in five states since September?

a. 12,500

b. 27,000

c. 9,400

d. 10,000

4. What percentage of white Americans have a negative attitude toward President Donald Trump?

a. 35 percent

b. 22 percent

c. 57 percent

d. 48 percent

Pixabay License
With the election closing in, favorability ratings are starting to solidify Americans’ views on the presidential nominees.


1. The correct answer is d. ABC News reported that on Oct. 22, Poland’s constitutional court ruled that abortion was unconstitutional. This ruling puts a near-complete ban on all abortions as Poland already had one of Europe’s strictest abortion policies. As a result, women’s rights activists staged protests outside Catholic churches across Poland.

2. The correct answer is d. According to ABC NEWS, both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are focusing more intently on Pennsylvania as Election Day draws closer. Pennsylvania has been a key state in past elections due to its 20 electoral votes.

3. The correct answer is d. According to NBC News, from early September until Oct. 17, the CDC put a ban on evictions due to COVID-19, but despite this there were about 10,000 eviction actions filed in five states.

4. The correct answer is d. ABC News reported that 48 percent of white Americans have negative attitudes towards Trump. On the other side, about 53 percent of white Americans view Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden as unfavorable.

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