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News Quiz 2/10

1) On Thursday the 6th the U.S. and _______ announced that they plan to reduce tariffs on roughly 75 billion dollars’ worth of U.S. goods.

a. Iran

b. China

c. Europe

d. Hong Kong

Courtesy Utah Highway Patrol

2) How many crashes did the Utah Highway Patrol report that they investigated before 10:30 a.m. during the snow storm Feb. 6?

a. 126

b. 200

c. 157

d. 174

3) During his State of the Union address on Thursday, what newspaper did President Trump hold up at the beginning of his speech to show that he had been acquitted?

a. The Salt Lake Tribune

b. The New York Times

c. The Signpost

d. The Washington Post

4) A powerful telescope in Chile captured the remnants of two _____ colliding in space on Feb. 6th. The photo shows different colors of gases and movement of them.

a. Satellites

b. Planets

c. Spaceships

d. Stars

A man is escorted out of the ship on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. The Anthem of the Seas docked in New Jersey early Friday. The coronavirus screening is being ordered as a precaution after passengers became ill. Friday, February 7, 2020. Bayonne, NJ USA

5) The coronavirus is sweeping across China and has infected tens of thousands. After the _____ of doctor Li Wenliang from the coronavirus, a doctor who tried to warn officials in China about the disease before it became a problem, members of the community in China are outraged online.

a. Death

b. Arrest

c. Murder

d. Hospitalization


1. b. China. According to U.S. News, this will help normalize trade between the two countries.

2. c. 157. According to KSL TV, this was more than the winter storm on Monday.

3. d. The Washington Post. According to U.S. News, The headline on the front page read Trump acquitted.

4. d. stars According to USA Today, The largest star, a red giant, sucked in the smaller star with its large gravitational pull and the stars collided releasing outer layers and gas into space.

5. a. death. According to The New York Times, Doctor Li Wenliang tried to warn of the mysterious virus but was silenced by police, and has now died from the virus.

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