Police Blotter

Jennifer Greenlee

(Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash)

Making out in the cold

A suspicious vehicle was reported by an officer in the W5 parking lot at 9:15 p.m. on Jan. 20. The windows were fogged, and the couple had been making out. The officer confirmed that both parties were okay and informed them why he had stopped before leaving.

Huffing a high

The smell of marijuana was reported at University Village on Jan. 15. An officer responded and asked to enter the room that the smell seemed to be coming from. The residents allowed the officer to enter and denied drug use or having any drug paraphernalia. The officer did not see any evidence of drug use and left.

An officer responded to the smell of marijuana that was reported at University Village on Jan. 17. The officer tried to locate the smell, but it was no longer present.

Snowboard fraud

A resident of Wildcat Village reported being a victim of fraud on Jan. 16. The student had been selling a snowboard, and the buyer claimed that he had accidentally deposited 10 times the amount agreed upon and asked for a refund. The student sent the money back and later found no money had ever been deposited into his account. The victim of the fraud is working with police in Minnesota, which is where the money was sent.


A vehicle was broken into in the A8 parking lot outside of Swenson Gym. The car, a Hyundai Elantra, was unlocked and the owner’s wallet was broken. Currently, there are no suspects.

The Facilities Management building was broken into on Jan. 14. Several painting items were determined to have been stolen, but no evidence was able to be collected. Police are waiting for a full report of what was stolen.


A female student reported that a man had started talking to her in the Shepherd Union and asked for her phone number. After talking to him, she looked him up on social media and saw that he had done this to another girl, which made her feel uncomfortable. The man was not a student, and police escorted him from the grounds since there was no reason for him to be on campus.

A mother called police on Jan. 15 about her daughter who was meeting up with someone to buy a textbook because they were supposed to meet at their apartment and then head to Stewart Stadium. The mother was concerned that this was suspicious and gave WSUPD their name and phone number.