Do you know your news?

Kenlee East

1. For a limited time, what airline will give you priority boarding if you are carrying a Starbucks holiday cup?

a. Alaska Airlines

b. Frontier Airlines

c. American Airlines

d. Southwest Airlines

2. The US Coast Guard searched for an airman that fell out of the C-130 on Nov. 5. Where did he fall?

a. The Pacific Ocean

b. Gulf of Mexico

c. Atlantic Ocean

d. Lake Ontario

3. Recent breakthroughs involving CRISPR technology may be used to take the first steps in finding a cure for what disease?

a. Dementia


c. Cancer

d. Diabetes

4. A Layton woman is determined to make what animals a ‘household pet’?

a. Goats

b. Pot-bellied pigs

c. Frogs

d. Sheep

1. a. According to CNN Business, the Alaskan Airlines promotion began Nov. 7 and lasts until Nov. 10. Some passengers would find Starbucks treats on their seats when they arrived in the plane. The people holding the holiday cups will board right before they begin boarding the back of the plane.

Starbucks' current seasonal lineup of holiday drinks (Image from MCT Direct)

2. b. ABC News said they searched for an airman that fell out of the C-130 in the Gulf of Mexico. The airman fell out of the plane during training. He fell about 1,500 feet into the Gulf of Mexico.

3. c. The New York Times stated doctors are in the first stages of gene editing techniques to help patients’ immune systems to fight cancer from within. The treatment has been ruled safe and early results make it unclear whether it will be successful or not.

4. b. Fox News reports a Layton woman is determined to make potbelly pigs a legal household pet in Layton. She is presenting an amendment to the city to make it happen.

Pot-bellied pigs are not currently considered legal pets in the Layton area. (Image from the Philadelphia Inquirer by MCT Photo Service)