Do you know your news? Nov. 4

Kenlee East

1. What special forces animal helped find ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

a. A dog

b. A cat

c. A monkey

d. A bear

2. What, according to recent data, is Netflix’s most-watched show?

a. “Friends”

b. “The Office”

c. “Parks and Recreation”

d. “Vampire Diaries”

3. How long will former World Surf League executive Jeffrey Bizzack be serving jail time after paying bribes for his son’s college acceptance?

a. 2 years or over

b. 1 year

c. Between 6 months and a year

d. Less than six months

4. With early-season, record-breaking temperatures, what police department in Utah is asking for the public’s help to find homeless people to give wellness checks?

a. Ogden

b. Clearfield

c. Kaysville

d. West Valley


1. a. According to USA Today, a dog helped U.S. soldiers find the ISIS leader. No U.S. soldiers were killed in the operation; the dog was injured, but is recovering and has been called a hero by President Donald Trump.

Shown is the photo tweeted by President Trump of the military dog injured while tracking down Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi in Syria. (White House via Twitter)

2. b. Cheat Sheet said “The Office” has been watched for over 45.8 billion minutes over the last year. According to Cheat Sheet, “Friends” was watched for 31.8 billion minutes in 2018; at the end of 2018, the show was set to leave Netflix, but the company paid out $100 million to keep the show another year after enormous fan demand.

3. c. According to CNN News, Jeffery Bizzack paid $250,000 in bribes to get his son into University of Southern California and prosecutors have asked he be charged with fines and 9 months in prison. He plead guilty in July of 2019. He is one of 12 parents found guilty for bribing, lying or cheating to help their children get into college.

4. a. According to the Standard Examiner, Ogden City Police Department is asking the public to help find where homeless people congregate to make sure the citizens are well during the record-breaking cold. If needed, officers will take people to get services that they need.