Police blotter 9/19

Jennifer Greenlee

Image from Pixabay

He said, she said

Officers responded to a fight between a girlfriend and boyfriend on Sept. 16, wherein the complainant could hear two people fighting but could not see them. Both involved denied there was any physicality to the altercation; however, there was evidence that the fight did involve physical violence. The case is being screened by the county attorney for a domestic violence charge.

Casper the Friendly Ghost-Caller

A landline phone repeatedly called the non-emergency police phone line on Sept. 15., with no answer on the other side. The landline was originating from University Village. Police responded and were unable to find the phone. The officer walked the building while calling the number and could not hear ringing.

Here, there, back again

A student who had been a previous resident was found squatting in a dorm room at University Village. Housing had dealt with the student but reported seeing him outside by the fire pit on Sept. 14. The officers walked around the perimeter and could not locate him.

I can’t believe it’s actually plastic

A student called to say there were parts of a gun in the dumpster by Campus Services on Sept. 13. The student identified the parts belonging to an AR-15. Police arrived and identified them as pieces of a plastic air-soft gun.

Finders, keepers

A student locked their bike on Sept. 6 near the pickleball courts. The student returned for it on Sept. 13 and it was no longer there. The student called the police. There is little information on the bike and when it may have been taken.

Welfare check

On Sept. 12, a student’s aunt called the police for a welfare check after she had not heard from the student for an hour and a half. Officers began to respond, but the aunt called back and had gotten ahold of the student, who had been taking a nap.