Foam-filled antics

Caitlyn Nichols

On Aug. 30 WSUSA, brought Foam Bash back to the Wildcat Village.

WSUSA Activities Vice President Michelle Thao stated that the purpose of the Foam Bash is to welcome students to WSU and kick off a new school year. She said events like these are important because they create a sense of belonging for the students.

Lots of students came to socialize and jump in a giant pool of foam. Craig Eckley, senior, said it was mainly the environment of friends that attracts him to these events.

“It’s fine to go single, but it’s always more fun to go with a group of people,” Eckley said.

Many were attracted to the event by the foam pit and other activities provided. Some, like Emma Mencia, a freshman, overcame their anxiety to go.

“The idea of a giant pit of bubbles sounded really cool, so I was like ‘Why not? I might as well get the full college experience,’” Mencia said.

Cheyenne Dunn, senior, said that the options were what made the event fun. They were able to dance, spend time in the foam bash or get an air brush tattoo.

And to anyone wondering what it feels like to jump into a pit of foam, Mencia said “It’s weird! You’re wet, but it’s bubbles. It’s not water, so you feel like it’s wet air. When you’re in it, it kind of feels like you’re in a cloud.”

WSUSA Activities will continue to plan and host different types of activities throughout the year to market to all students and crowds and encourage student involvement.

Students encouraged fellow students to come to future events to have fun, try it out, invite friends, and at least just see what it’s like.