Police Blotter 9/12

Jennifer Greenlee

Image by Pixabay


Police stopped a cyclist who didn’t heed traffic signals. The pedestrian was stopped and warned on Sept. 8

On Sept. 6, a skateboarder was stopped by police for violating university policy. It is against policy to use a skateboarder on campus and the individual was informed of this.

Fire Alarms

A fire alarm went off on Sept. 7 in the Marriott Health building. The cause for the alarm is unknown.

A fire alarm went off in Wildcat Village Building Two on Sept. 6. This was due to burnt waffles, and no flames were present.

Welfare Checks

On Sept. 7., an individual called to have police check on an individual in their car. The student was asleep.

The Dorms

Housing reported the smell of marijuana on Sept. 8. Police arrived and could not locate the smell so no action was taken.

There was a report of a party with alcohol presence on Sept. 6. Police responded and there was no party. There was alcohol present, and it was confiscated. All present were older than the legal limit.

Keep the Peace

Two individuals were involved in a traffic accident. One of those involved in the accident requested an officer to stand by while they met on Sept. 7.


A woman reported a man stalking her on Sept. 6. The suspect was found and arrested for trespassing. He was on parole and he was in violation of it.

Medical Emergencies

In Wildcat Village Building three on Sept. 5, an individual suffered a seizure. The individual had a preexisting condition that caused this.


An individual had her credit cards stolen on Sept. 5. in Lindquist Hall. There are no suspects in the case, but it is still open.