News Quiz 7/15

Jennifer Greenlee

1. Which member of President Trump’s cabinet resigned July 12 under scrutiny of a case tried in 2008?

a. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State

b. Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor

c. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

d. Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy

2. What four items were found in a stolen vehicle after it had been pulled over by police in Oklahoma?

a. Bud Lite, radium and two beach balls

b. An acoustic guitar, a 32-inch television, a scythe and a large replica dinosaur

c. Whiskey, a gun, a rattlesnake and radioactive uranium

d. A microwave, a parrot, a deck of tarot cards and the top of a mannequin

polygamy porter.jpg

3. The popular Utah Beer Wasatch Brewery’s Polygamy Porter is being sold in 20 states. Which state banned the sale of the beer?

a. North Carolina

b. Alabama

c. South Dakota

d. Georgia

polygamy porter.jpg

4. Facebook has repeatedly faced accusations of privacy violations. What was the fine that the FTC handed down to Facebook?

a. $2 billion

b. $3 billion

c. $4 billion

d. $5 billion


1. b. Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor. The announcement of Alex Acosta’s resignation came July 12 after Jeffrey Epstein was once again brought up on sex trafficking charges. Acosta was the original federal prosecutor who tried Epstein in 2008 for similar charges. Many have hailed this as a victory for Acosta’s alleged mishandling of the 2008 case. The current charges against Epstein include sexually abusing underage girls, with the accusations including girls as young as 14, according to NPR.

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2. c. Whiskey, a gun, a rattlesnake and radioactive uranium. A pair of alleged car thieves were pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Oklahoma, when the police found a timber rattlesnake in the vehicle, according to the Independent. After investigation, police found the whiskey and the container of uranium. The driver, Stephen Jennings, told police he was trying to create a super snake.

3. a. North Carolina. The Polygamy Porter was rejected and subsequently banned from North Carolina by the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission because “polygamy is illegal,” according to CNN.

4 d. $5 billion. The FTC voted to approve a $5 billion fine against Facebook for privacy violations. This fine will be largest ever handed down by the FTC, if the Justice Department’s review leaves the fine without adjustment, according to KSL. Facebook made $56 billion last year and had already set aside $3 billion in anticipation of a fine, with the expectation of having to pay up to $5 billion, according to a statement the company made in April. Nothing in the report, including limits on user privacy, has been announced beyond the monetary amount of the fine.

Facebook has agreed to pay a record $5 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/TNS)