Freedom isn’t free, neither is lunch

Deborah Wilber


It turns out, honoring soldiers who served their country with a free lunch on Veteran’s Day isn’t cheap: in fact, it’s going to cost $849 this year.

Sodexo is the sole proprietor of food on campus, and when Travis Parsons, the student senator for veteran’s affairs, proposed a Veteran’s Day luncheon they handed him an itemized list of expenditures.

“We need to keep this as cheap as possible,” Parsons said.

Sodexo is charging $633 for 100 hamburgers and $216 for 100 hotdogs to help celebrate Veteran’s Day.

Due to the cost associated with providing the hamburgers and hot dogs, and the limited amount of funds, there will not be any options available for those with unique dietary restrictions. However, Parsons emphasized that the good times and connections are available 100 percent free.

Weber State University Veterans Services paid $450 toward the event. Parsons worked diligently to supplement the $400 needed in order to make his luncheon a reality.

He introduced a senate funding request on Oct. 22, and got it unanimously passed, with a little benefit: despite asking for $400, the Senate gave him $500.

Education Students Senator Amanda Hall supported the event for its universality and encouraged other senators to do the same.

“We all probably have veterans on our teams,” Hall said.

Sultan Ayubi, a senator who oversees Honor/BIS students, followed up in the Oct. 29 senate meeting by recognizing veterans in the room.

The Veteran’s Day luncheon will be held on the outside patio on the south side of Shepherd Union on Nov. 7. Veterans are encouraged to bring family to join in the celebration.