Playin' On Purple- I'm Jinxed

Alright, I give up. I surrender. I have finally listened to the powers that be, and I am done.

It was pointed out to me recently that I am a jinx of Weber State University athletics. I refused to believe that I was a jinx at the beginning. I thought it was just because WSU kind of sucked (no offense WSU athletes). I was wrong. After the volleyball’s team latest victory and the last football game, I know that I was wrong.

I am going to discuss a few specific examples that changed my mind. First off, I have covered volleyball for two years. They have maybe won like eight games total since I have covered that sport. This year when they played Northern Arizona University, they got their first win. I did not go to Arizona, and they won.  Then last week, I went to Washington DC, and I couldn’t cover the game. They won again.

Moral of that story is I don’t cover volleyball games, and the team wins. I am sorry volleyball team that I have cursed you for two years. Moving on. WSU football lost its last two games in the second half. Against SUU, they had a steady lead. I did not watch any of the first half. I started watching the second half, and those boys started sucking. They lost that game because I watched them.

Same thing happened this past weekend. I was not able to watch the first of the game. As soon as I turned on the television to watch the game, Montana State University scored back-to-back touchdowns. WSU lost.

This Saturday, I am not going to watch any of the game. I can guarantee that the Wildcats will prevail because I am not going to watch any of the game or even care about the score. I apologize to the football team for my curse.

Monday evening, the men’s basketball team played. I know that our basketball team is pretty freaking awesome and really good at the game. I also know that I am jinxed. I do not even want to risk the chance of me jinxing the basketball team. They are going to be great, and I don’t want my curse to affect their awesome season.

Monday night, the boys won by a very large deficit. I did not attend the game. Another message from the powers that be that I am not supposed to enjoy WSU athletics up close. I am officially declaring that I am a WSU fan from afar.

I am really upset that I have been jinxed. I really love sports. I love to watch them, and I love to play. I also really love WSU. Naturally, I would put my love of both of those things together to love WSU sports. So the fact that I cannot combine my love of sports and my love of WSU makes me exasperated.

I will keep my distance WSU athletes. If I don’t care, or I don’t cover you or don’t openly support, it’s for your own good. Just know that I do support you. If I do cover your sport, I apologize in advance for the tragedy that may befall your team.

Powers that be, I finally listened, and I am giving up on supporting the school and teams I love (but I really am not giving up on them yet).